Why is My Netgear Not Connecting to TV?
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Why is My Netgear Not Connecting to TV?

Why is My Netgear Not Connecting to TV?

It’s irritating when your TV won’t connect to the Netgear WiFi despite your best efforts. The “Netgear not connecting to TV” problem can occur for several reasons. If your TV isn’t working properly with your Netgear WiFi router or extender, the issue may lie with your TV or the device itself. Finding out where the problem stems from is the first step in finding a solution to it. This motivated us for the creation of this write-up. In this article, we’ll discuss why your Netgear not connecting to your TV and how to troubleshoot the problem.

What to Do If Your Netgear Is Not Connecting to TV?

Your TV should display a variety of signals when you attempt to link it to your Netgear router, and you should be able to link devices based on those signals. Some people have trouble connecting their TVs to WiFi even after they have completed the Netgear extender configuration correctly via www.mywifiext.net. The following factors can have a role in this outcome:

  • Issues with the extender’s functionality due to a technical problem
  • Unfortunately, the extender’s firmware has become out of date.
  • Internet issue from ISP
  • Connection problem between router and extender
  • Misconfigured settings
  • Incorrect password

Now that you know what may be causing your Netgear to stop working with your TV, let’s talk about how to solve the problem.

Fixed: Netgear Not Connecting to the TV

Rejuvenate Your Extender

One of the first things you might do is reboot your extender. If your TV is having trouble connecting to your Netgear, trying restarting the device may be all it takes to get everything back up and running smoothly.

That being said, you can disconnect the power cord from the extender and let it rest for a while. Connect it back to the wall and check to see whether your TV is picking up any broadcasts. This method is quite effective; use it now!

Upgrade Your Extender

An old version of the firmware on your Netgear might also be a contributing factor to the problem you’re experiencing. It is possible that changing the extender’s firmware will fix the issue.

Extender firmware updates are not difficult to perform. Log in to your extender and navigate to the configurations page to get it. If you’re having trouble with the procedure, our technical support staff is here to help.

Internet Connection Status Verification

Lack of reliable internet service is another possible cause of the “Netgear Not Connecting to TV” problem. Make sure you are receiving the announced download speed from your ISP by contacting them.

In case you’re still not convinced, you may check the internet speed through your router by conducting a ping test.

Verify All Devices Are Connected

One of the reasons your TV is unable to connect to Netgear is a problem between your router and extender. In this case, you should double-check the wiring.

If an Ethernet cable was used to make the connections, users should inspect the cable for any signs of damage. As an additional safety measure, double-check that the cable between the router and the extender is snugly inserted into its port.

Check the Settings

You should double-check the TV and extender’s settings as well. Perhaps your Netgear is not connecting to the TV due to an incorrect setup.

Logging into your device will give you access to the extender’s settings while turning on your TV and navigating to the WiFi network configuration will give you access to the TV’s settings.

Verify Security Code

Is the WiFi password you used to link the TV to the Netgear the right one? If you don’t think so, verify the same.

If you enter an incorrect password, your smart TV will not display internet access instead display a blank screen.

To Conclude

These methods have been proven effective in fixing the Netgear not connecting to the TV issue. It is strongly advised that you carry out each step exactly as described, regardless of the technique that you choose to use. We are hopeful that the facts provided here will be of assistance to you in fixing the issue with the WiFi-TV connection.

If it doesn’t work, you may try reconfiguring your Netgear after resetting it to the factory defaults and starting again.

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