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Weak WiFi Signals? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

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Internet connectivity issues are a lot frustrating. One moment you are chatting with friends on Facebook, and the next you are sitting wondering how Facebook got disconnected. Sometimes, even having a WiFi extender does not help. But, like every problem has a root cause, so does this issue you are facing. Let us find out why you get weak WiFi signals from the WiFi extender.

Culprits Behind Weak WiFi Signals

WiFi extenders work on a simple principle. These rebroadcast the internet signals coming from the WiFi router towards the connected device. The WiFi extender is a bridge that connects your smartphone or laptop to the WiFi network. For these to function efficiently you need a stable power supply and powerful antennas.

That said, let us check out the reasons behind weak WiFi signals coming from your WiFi extender.

1. Obsolete Firmware

Are you using a WiFi extender with obsolete firmware? There is no doubt that you would face issues with not only internet connectivity. An outdated firmware also makes it harder for you to get full WiFi signals no matter which room you sit in office or home. An outdated WiFi extender would not be able to catch the right WiFi frequency.

2. Wrong Network Connection

No matter which WiFi extender you purchase, it can help you connect to the internet only after it connects with the router with an active internet connection. The WiFi extender also creates a new name for the same internet connection. But, on the off chance, if you are connected to the original network then it might lead to weak WiFi signals.

3. Improper Placement

There is a chance that you might have placed the WiFi extender in the wrong place. Did you keep it behind aluminum studs or metal doors? It can lead to weaker WiFi signals and connectivity issues. Now, you might ask –

How Can I Resolve These Issues?

Every problem has a solution for it. Similarly, you should not give up all hope if weak WiFi signals are the issue.

That said, let us take a look at the steps you should take to resolve the issue.

1. Update Firmware

An outdated WiFi extender is a big problem. Not only does it leads to a weak WiFi signals problem. It also makes the WiFi network vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers and data thieves. An outdated extender is a walking time bomb as far as personal data security is concerned.

But, you can take care of this problem with regular updation. Your Windows or iOS system requires updates to remain abreast with the latest security protocols. Things are not so different with the WiFi extender.

For example, if you have a Netgear EX7000 then visit www.mywifiext.net ex7000 web page. Here you can check for the latest WiFi extender update from Netgear. Make sure to download the latest patch to get rid of the weak WiFi signal issue.

2. Power-Cycle WiFi Extender

If you have updated the WiFi router and still face the same issue, it is time to power cycle it. The power cycle is nothing more than restarting the extender. Doing so helps rid the device of any unnecessary cache files.

Don’t know how to power cycle? Just follow the steps below.

  • Disconnect the WiFi extender from the WiFi network.
  • Turn off the extender.
  • Remove it from the power source.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Plug it back in and reconnect to the network.

Doing this helps restart the extender and resolve the weak WiFi signals issue.

3. Change WiFi Extender Position

Wrong placement or positioning of the WiFi extender can lead to a weak WiFi signal issue. As per tech experts, the best place to position the extender is to keep it in the central position of the establishment. Do keep the extender away from hard surfaces and metal objects.

Keep the following tips in mind when placing the WiFi extender.

  • Do not keep it inside a cupboard, under a table, or in a corner.
  • Keep the WiFi extender away from aluminum studs, metal doors, and concrete walls.
  • Place the extender away from electronic gadgets.

Not doing so will cause signal interference for the extender. For example, if you have a Netgear EX7300 then keep it in the right place even during the Netgear ex7300 setup.

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