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Top 7 Ways to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

Slow Internet Connection? Oh!

If your internet connection is running at snail’s pace or downloads are taking ages, don’t bang your head on your keyboard. Consider these fixes to bring your digital life back in the fast lane.

  1. Check Your Internet Speed and Data Plan
    At times, your internet is sluggish because you are paying for crappy internet. So you need to first check what data plan you have. After that, run a speed test. In case you are getting the speed you are paying for, then it’s absolutely fine. Now, try accessing setup wizard on your device. If it opens properly, then your internet is working fine. Or else, you need an upgrade.
  2. Troubleshoot Your Hardware
    Check your modem as well as the router. If any of them need a reset, do so and see if that helps. A piece of faulty equipment or outdated network may affect your internet connection. Make sure to use the latest firmware version on your router. Also, check the cable connections of your router and modem. Swap cables if needed. In case this didn’t work, opt for a new router and modem.
  3. Relocate Your WiFi Extender
    If you are done with the Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 setup, ensure that the extender is kept at a neat and clean place. The extender gets obstructions by various electronic appliances such as microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, refrigerators, electrical water tanks, etc. Concrete walls and metal objects also cause degradation in internet speed. So keep in mind to place your Netgear WiFi extender away from such devices.
  4. Switch to Another WiFi Channel
    Netgear extenders broadcast their WiFi signals on a specific channel or wavelength. Now, the latest WiFi extenders generally operate on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels. Sometimes, the extender automatically picks an available channel but it is usually the least effective one. So change your extender’s WiFi channel via
  5. Limit Bandwidth-Hogging Apps
    Some software applications run background processes that are hidden behind other apps, consuming network resources. Programs and games that work with videos need magnificent bandwidth. They limit bandwidth for other foreground apps. And it’s easy to forget these background-running apps, making your internet slow. So, check your PC for programs running in the background. If any, disable that right away.
  6. Restart Your Extender
    Another way to speed up your internet connection is to restart your Netgear WiFi range extender. To do so, unplug your extender from the power socket and turn it off. Wait for some time. After that, plug the extender back in again and turn it on.
  7. Beware of Malicious Programs
    Still, having slow internet? If yes, malicious programs can be a culprit. In case your computer becomes infected by a webworm or other malware, they may result in network traffic without your knowledge and make your internet connection slow. So it is recommended you keep up-to-date antimalware running to catch and remove malicious programs from your devices.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will surely help you get rid of a slow internet connection. If the issue persists, get in touch with our experts right away via email at

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