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Netgear Smart Parental Controls: Everything You Should Know

Netgear Smart Parental Controls

Using the Netgear Smart Parental Controls you can easily manage your kids’ internet time and create a safer online environment for your family. Netgear routers have this feature built-in them which when enables offers you a number of ways to promote healthy internet habits in the home. In this very blog, you are going to get a deep insight into what this feature has to offer and how you can get benefited from it. Keep reading further and learn about Netgear SPC.

Netgear Smart Parental Controls Features

Before we tell you the process of enabling the feature on your Netgear router, let us have a look at what this feature facilitates once enabled.

  • You can create different profiles for different children in your home.
  • It is easy to pause the internet whenever you want.
  • Set profiles on different devices in your home.
  • You can easily check the internet usage of each child.
  • By setting the time limits, you can have control over when your kids start and stop accessing the internet.
  • You can also send your kids rewards online for their good behavior.
  • Apply content filter and put a stop to unauthorized content access.
  • You can restrict them from accessing malicious online content or websites.
  • You can set customized rules for each child.

Let us now help you take a walk through about the process of enabling the Netgear Smart Parental Controls feature on your router.

Steps to Enable Netgear Smart Parental Controls?

Step 1: Download Orbi App

First of all, unlock your smartphone. Head toward the application store after that. The application store varies for different OS. In case you have an Android phone, then launch the Play Store. If you have an iPhone then launch the Apple App Store. Thereafter, search for the Nighthawk app here. When the search results appear, click on the correct search result to download and install the app.

Step 2: Power Up Netgear Router

Till the time the Netgear Nighthawk app is getting downloaded, utilize this time to power up your Netgear router. Connect it to an active power outlet available in the home. Turn it on by toggling the power button to the On position. Let the LEDs on it turn solid. This indicates a completely powered-up router.

Step 3: Do the Login

The Nighthawk app must have been installed on your smartphone now. Launch it by tapping on its icon. Once it opens up, log in to it using the admin login credentials. You will land on the Netgear genie wizard or the Netgear router admin dashboard.

FYI, the same task can also be executed using your PC. Turn your computer or laptop on now. Once it is booted up fully, load an internet browser on it. Ensure using the PC as well as the browser that is updated to the most recent version. In the URL bar type the login web address and hit the Enter key. Access the Netgear admin dashboard by logging in. If you are trying to access the Netgear extender admin panel then use

Step 4: Enable Parental Controls

In the Netgear admin dashboard, go to Settings. Here tap on the Parental Controls tile. After that tap on Add New Profile and then tap on the Set Up option. It is recommended that you set a profile for each child and set access schedules and set time limits. You need to enter names for all the profiles. After you are done setting up profiles, tap on Continue.

You will see a list of all the devices that are accessing the router’s WiFi. You will see all the online as well as offline devices. So, select the devices that you want to allow your children to access the internet on.

Finally, when you are done doing this, tap on continue. You will get a confirmation message once the settings have been saved.

Wrap Up

This is all about the Netgear Smart Parental Controls. You now know what the Netgear SPC feature has to offer. You have also learned how to enable this feature on your Netgear WiFi router using the Netgear Orbi app and Netgear Genie smart setup wizard. In any event, if you are stuck in between and cannot enable it then take our advice and contact our technical team for personal assistance.

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