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5 Tips to Make Your Netgear WiFi Extender High-performing

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Experiencing a horrible day because of the poor WiFi performance of your Netgear extender? Ah! This is really frightful to watch the buffering icon while streaming a video or downloading an important document. If your WiFi is not performing the way you fancy, then reading the tips listed in the write-up will help. Below are 5 simple yet effective hacks to strengthen the signals of a Netgear WiFi extender and make it high-performing.

Tip 1: Update Your Extender Firmware

Extenders need updates from time to time to get fixes of various bugs and work seamlessly. Updating your extender can bring improvement to the working of your device as well as might get new features for enhanced functionality. So, consider updating your device either by accessing the Netgear Extender Setup wizard or using the Netgear app.

Tip 2: Power cycle the Extender

Just like PC, your extender also needs a power cycle occasionally. For starters, the power cycle here means a reboot. You can reboot your extender by unplugging it from its power plug as well as disconnecting from your WiFi router or Access Point. Count for 10 and plug in the extender back to its power socket. Once done, don’t forget to reconnect it to your router too. Now, check if you find any enhancement in the WiFi signals of your Netgear Genie WiFi Extender.

Tip 3: Change the Placement of Your Extender

It can do wonders in the performance of your WiFi extender if you place it at the right location. If you placed your extender in a corner or under a table, it’s time to keep it in the open area. It would be best if you can move it somewhere in the mid of your house. However, make sure it is in the range of your WiFi router.

Also, move it away from interference-causing culprits akin to fish tanks, baby monitors, concrete walls, fish tanks, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.

Tip 4: Buy Enough Bandwidth

If your internet usage is at par and you’re using a limited data plan, then it is common that your data needs will creep up on you. So, if you want to enhance the coverage of your Netgear extender and take your internet experience to the next level, contact your ISP and find a plan that perfectly matches your internet needs. Buying a good and worthy data plan can help you enjoy faster internet speed.

Tip 5: Change Your WiFi Channel

Almost all Netgear extenders flaunt different frequency bands that include 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Whenever you perform a Netgear WiFi extender setup, usually 2.4GHz channel is chosen as your preferable one by default. When so many extenders are set up in the nearby areas to your home are using the same channel, it can result in slow and sluggish internet connection. Hence, it is important for you to switch to the channel that is least crowded. If you can’t find a less-congested channel for your extender on your own, get assistance from technical experts and let them help you find the most suitable channel for your WiFi device.

Bonus: We hope the tips listed above this section will live up to your expectations to make your Netgear WiFi extender high-performing. Just in case, you’re still not satisfied with the execution of your WiFi device, simply reset it to the default factory settings and configure it again. Possibly, this may get you a fix!

Final Thoughts

It is expected that after following the troubleshooting guide, the next time you try to work on an important project or enjoy streaming a web series, you will not be interrupted by stops, skips, or buffering! These tips can help you not only boost the performance of your Netgear WiFi extender but also help you enjoy the consistent and lag-free signal coverage throughout your home.

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